B2C companies have been early in the game and implemented convenient online stores to get to market faster. B2B companies are catching up now and want the same seamless, customized self-service for their customers.To get to that goal, B2B companies partner with eCommerce service providers and develop a B2B specific e-commerce solution which is flexible and cloud-based. Magento is a good choice for such a project as their new Magento Commerce portfolio can be fully leveraged. This portfolio offers the vital core functionality and allows companies to focus on their business goals rather than building that functionality grounds up.
Here are some of the features that you can get:
  1. Bulk ordering

    – Companies can build a comprehensive order interface to facilitate the uploading of SKU lists, copy previous orders and promote recurring purchases with re-orders.
  2. Multi-channel support

    – The custom branding option can help manage multiple brands in different geographies for both B2B and B2C portals.
  3. Inventory management

    – This is a great boon for businesses as they can track inventory across multiple warehouse locations making it easy to manage inventories, and in scheduling deliveries.
  4. Business system integrations

    – Magento is backed by a global community of developers and that helps in discovering quickly e-commerce-specific extensions and customized systems that could benefit the organization. Integrating with back-end systems becomes seamless and faster with reduced TCO.
  5. Custom catalogs and Price lists

    – The inherent B2B module in Magento supports custom product catalogs and pricing lists for specific B2B customers or customer groups.
  6. Account management

    – With this feature, vendors are able to create different tiers for users and customers based on roles and permissions. Additionally, vendors can add and delete users, view detailed order histories, create groups and allow different groups of customers to buy certain products.
  7. Quotes and Prices

    – Magento also comes with a built-in workflow for requesting order quotes and business to business price negotiations.
Moving into B2B cannot get any easier – find the right partner who has worked with companies just like yours and integrate with Magento’s latest B2B module. It’s time to join the segment of organizations who will be part of global B2B e-commerce sales in 2020 – this market is predicted to reach $6.7 trillion by 2020, 27% of which is all B2B sales.  

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