In the last decade, differentiators like Price, Placement, and Promotion have taken a backseat and Customer experience stands out as the singular differentiator that helps build brand loyalty.

According to the Forrester Customer Experience Index published in June 2018 – ‘“ Elite brands“ provided about 22 emotionally positive experiences for each negative one and the bottom 5% provided only two emotionally positive experiences for each negative one’.

Brands that prioritize customer experience also report the following bottom line benefits:

  • 1.6x

    Brand Awareness

  • 1.9x

    Average Order Value (AOV)

  • 1.9x

    Return on Ad Spend (RoAS)

  • 1.6x

    Customer LifeTime Value (CLTV)

  • 1.5x

    Employee Satisfaction

  • 1.7x

    Customer Retention

  • 36%

    faster Revenue Growth Rates

Here are some recommendations for enhancing shopper communications and engagement shared by Industry leading companies:

  • Shopping through social media

    –  More and more users are shifting to social platforms for exploration. Instagram has about 800+ million users and it serves to meet shoppers in such platforms where they spend most of their time.  Integrating a ‘buy’ button on these platforms can be advantageous.
  • Incentivize in-store shoppers

    – A tested method to drive in-store traffic is by offering incentives like exclusive discounts, in-store-only products, and free gifts for in-store shoppers and so on.
  • Allow preferred payment methods

    – Cart abandonment significantly reduces if you offer customers’ preferred payment options. The probability of completing the purchase on a mobile device increases too when a customer sees a payment option that is preferred by him/her.
  • Start early

    – A well-designed promotional calendar is important for every holiday season. Retailers have known to start on sales teasers before Thanksgiving with promotional communication continuing till Christmas – this way they are able to engage with early shoppers as well as the last minute crowd.
  • Offer incentives through the journey

    – Try and engage with the customer through the shopping journey by offering e-mail signup offers or discounts upon sharing reviews.
  • While these are some tips shared by organizations that have time-tested the methods, some companies still resort to

    traditional methods to improve conversions

    – like creating custom landing pages, improving search options and using direct mail for in-store engagement. These are simple ways to pave a smooth path to purchase. Also, spend some time in understanding shopper behavior in-store and online and see how personalized recommendations can pay-off this season.
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