In the US market alone, B2B ecommerce sales is expected to cross $1.1 trillion by 2020. Retailers are cashing in on this fast-growing trend. Along the way, retailers have learned that apart from creating a website it is important to turn it into a channel to retain and attract customers. Here are some of the ideas they are implementing to get to that goal:

  1. Website stickiness

    : The site design has to be easy to navigate and intuitive for a user. This includes incorporating a structured menu with product lists, search engines and filters that can ensure a positive customer experience. If the process of selection and checkout become tedious, customers tend to automatically sign off in their minds. Another important goal is to keep the site attractive – like for instance, some websites use creative artwork/images to establish an emotional connect with visitors.
  2. Website content

    : All the listed products should have requisite information to help a customer. The description of the product, feature list and functionality should be elaborate so that the customer can make an informed decision. Pricing should also be clear with tax, shipping etc., explicitly called out. These details need to be consistent across all delivery channels to build on trust.
  3. Website transactions

    : In B2B, bulk and repeated orders are very frequent. Such orders are executed faster if purchase history is displayed. Most retailers get this process facilitated by integrating the online store with the CRM, ERP, and inventory management systems, to deliver all relevant information, and update inventory in real-time. A website that can support multiple orders, and offers multiple payment options makes shopping very easy.
  4. Website personalization

    : A business stands to gain or lose a customer based on how the site behaves. Customer loyalty relies on both how convenient a purchase process is and how smooth the delivery experience is. And personalization can go a long way in keeping a customer -  customer segmentation classifies customers based on location, interests, and potential and targeted promotions help boost sales.
  5. Website-mobility

    : 78% of B2B companies believe mobility to be the future of e-commerce.  A mobile-friendly website is essential for an ‘on-the-go’ customer and the advantage of accessing information from anywhere, at any time can bring the customer back to the website repeatedly.
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