For a true omnichannel experience, the customer journey at every interaction, from digital advertising to on-site product recommendations, in-store interactions and post-purchase support has to be exceptional. And for this, data and connectivity are very important. Retailers need connectivity to better understand and engage with customers. They also need to integrate with B2B suppliers and partners to focus on customer-centric operations rather than being product-centric. On the customer-facing side, retailers can gain a unified customer view by implementing Netsuite Magento Integration. If a CRM system or PoS system is in use then integration with NetSuite is also essential to realize a cross-channel customer view.

Netsuite Magento Integration achieves a truly seamless omnichannel buying cycle

  • Pricing and inventory levels update in real time across multiple channels
  • Customers see accurate order and shipping information 24/7
  • Advanced promotions are entered in one location
  • Return merchandise authorization is fully automated
  • Pricing and content are presented at the customer level, personalizing the shopping experience for every individual

This kind of 360-degree customer view ensures retailers match the highly personalized experiences that customers are used to these days on websites like Amazon.

Magento offers scalability and flexibility that give businesses the ability to customize their web stores. Magento is also optimized for the web and performance is managed with online customers in mind. In addition, Magento is extremely adaptable and can integrate with virtually any system with accessible API endpoints. However, as with any integration, there are complexities that can be unique to the system. With Netsuite, this means special considerations in custom field mapping, item pricing, matrix items, and inventory tracking.  The ability to manage operations from a central point creates efficiency and provides an authentic source where customers, products, and orders can be easily tracked and modified.

When these systems are kept separate administrators have to enter data twice and toggle between platforms.  This creates redundancies and can lead to errors. By integrating, data flow is automated and Magento acts to extend the Netsuite ERP to online, with an intuitive customer interface. NetSuite consolidates data, guiding Magento with updated information about products, customers, and orders.

Brought together, the power of both the platforms is delivered. Here is an example of how the exchange could work.


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