According to Forrester, around half of retail sales growth will be attributed to mobile commerce by 2022. And in April this year, Magento announced the release of Progressive Web App Studio (PWAs) to align with that growth. PWA studio will allow Magento solution partners and UX developers to deliver fast and simple front-end experiences on mobile devices using Magento PWA studio.

What is PWA? A Progressive Web App is:

Progressive – is agnostic of browser choice and is built with progressive enhancement as the primary principle.

Responsive – Aligns with desktop, mobile, tab and so on

Connectivity independent – Can work on low-quality networks or offline

Safe – Served via HTTPS to ensure privacy.

Installable – Ease of app integration as it users can add favorite apps to their home screen

Linkable – Shared via URL and no necessity of complex installations.

The problem that PWS can solve :

In the US, research shows that users only use mobile apps for their most frequent interactions, and most smartphone users download zero apps in a typical month. PWAs helps increase conversion and revenue as it combines the best functionality of both websites and mobile applications to provide fast and engaging experiences. PWAs also provides the tools that merchants and developers need in order to create applications which have both the convenience of a mobile app and the search feature/ checkout process that desktops offer.

Core features of Magento’s PWA Studio include:

  • Tools to personalize content and add local preferences;
  • Build and manage all channels and experiences via one code base, one deployment and app;
  • Intuitive user experience with innovative commerce and CMS theming;
  • Modularized component architecture to help drive opportunities for extension resellers;
  • Purpose-built developer tools for fast prototyping, helpful debugging, rich feedback, and increased productivity

PWAs can work offline

Service worker is a script that runs in the background and is separate from the web page. It takes care of caching, content updates, push notifications making it possible for PWAs to work offline. Service workers can intercept and handle network requests, serving assets from the cache.

PWAs enable interchangeability and convenience making them great

Underneath the surface, PWA is still just a website. It becomes an app if the user wants it.  And if the user returns to the website on a browser, a prompt suggesting addition of website to the home screen appears. If that’s done, the user can use the website as an app later on. If not done, the website is still reachable through the browser, with most of the benefits that PWAs great.

Investment in PWAs can transform buying experiences and make a great impact on the bottom line as well as overcome common challenges like bounce rates and lack of mobile conversions.

Video Source: Magento


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