SEO is a big catalyst in the customer conversion process. With a big presence on the internet, your site can attract more traffic and if the site is appealing much of the traffic will convert. Here are some tips to help you strengthen your online store in time for the holiday season this year:

  1. Ensure that you have eliminated duplicate content

    in terms of images as well as text. No two different products should have the same description and no image should be repeated. If there are such occurrences, the website rating could suffer.
  2. Check all header titles for strategic keyword placement, errors, and uniqueness. Create product groups so that optimizing title tags is not tedious.
  3. Assess content and images for attractiveness, information and visual retention.
  4. Make sure URLs are optimized

    and simple. Also, make sure there is only one URL for a product page.
  5. Optimize images

    too – website will be faster and search engines will work better.
  6. Incorporate a sitemap

    so that the core information displayed can help search engines rank the website.
  7. Confirm if the back-end code is clean - the cleaner the better for speed.
  8. Upgrade to HTTPS

    and build organic traffic with better security.
  9. Perform a keyword search

    based on holiday-specific search words and use them.
  10. Identify the top landing pages

    and create promotions based on the data.
  11. Get your holiday content some

    attention on social media

    with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  12. Focus on your website’s load time on a mobile -

    responsive websites have a high ranking in the SEO

    the universe and a site that takes less than 2 seconds are considered a good website.
Reference: Magento Holiday Commerce Outlook 2018

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