The main business of our UK-based client is the design, development, manufacture and sale of automotive vehicles. They also sell branded merchandise through a website. The client had also become the first brand in the world to offer full digitalisation of a vehicle purchase and related services. Extending this eCommerce success to merchandise and other branded products was the next step.

Payoda was selected as partner to deliver a Magento-based powerful UI-backed web application. Complex integrations were needed with back-end CRM and ERP systems. The website was required to be SEO friendly integrated with a sophisticated backend admn panel.

What we did ?

User Interface Design
User Experience Workflow


Mindful experiential design Goals
  • Connect the customer directly to the product
  • Add transparency
  • Make the journey convenient-few clicks

Our Approach

The development approach covered aspects of definition, ideation, prototype validation and lean UX and architecture processes. Complex integrations were enabled through a secure channel connection.


  • Rapid time-to-market
  • Business analysts put a lot of effort into analysis and architecture before going into actual development with every component
  • Experiential commerce with targeted marketing

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